Prospective Biology and Zoology Students

Thank you for your interest in our programs.  What you will find here are some recommendations on how you can best prepare yourself for success as a Biology or Zoology major at SUNY Oswego.  You may also be interested in this website that talks about why people should study the Biological Sciences.

High School Students
(recommended courses)

(one year of each at the Regents level): Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Math: Math B, pre-calculus
Foreign Language: one year past the Regents
AP Course Equivalencies

Transfer Students (recommended courses*)

Introductory Biology (for science majors) (4 credits with lab, cell and molecular focus)
General Chemistry I & II (for science majors)  (8 hours with labs)
Math: Pre-calculus (or higher) and statistics

*NOTE: Biology and Zoology are restricted majors.  Both current Oswego students and external transfer students must complete the following before being admitted into the Biology or Zoology major programs:
1. Complete Eng 102 (Composition II), Mat 120 (Precalc) or Mat 210 (Calculus), and Che 111 (General Chemistry I) with a C- or better
2. Have a cumulative GPA of a 2.5 or better.