Transferring to the School of Business

In-College Transfer

Request by Oswego State matriculated students to transfer to a major in the School of Business must be filed at the Business Advisement Center (BASAC), 230 Rich Hall.  Applicants for transfer must be in good standing, i.e., having a GPA at Oswego of 2.0 or higher, or be in their first semester as a student at Oswego.

Off-Campus Transfer

The School of Business welcomes transfer students from 2-year programs. Of our over 1,400 full-time undergraduate students, approximately 30-40 percent transferred from a two-year program.

We make transferring easy! If you are a student in a New York State Community College and are planning to transfer to the School of Business at Oswego State, you should check out the Oswego State Transfer Services page on our web site. There you will find a listing of transfer courses from two and four-year colleges and their equivalent courses here at Oswego, thereby seeing exactly where your individual courses will fit into a program that you are interested in.

Our goal for transfer students is graduation in two years!  However, that goal depends on the courses you transfer in, and whether you have received a degree (i.e., AA, AS, or AAS), from your two-year college.  Oswego State accepts a maximum of 62 credits from a 2-year college, plus an additional 30 may be transferred in from a 4-year college.  However, you must complete at least one half of your major and congnate requirements at Oswego to earn a degree from Oswego.

If you have any questions or need more information on the School of Business, please contact Mr. Glynn English, Assistant Dean & Director of Advisement at (315) 312-2148, or