ANGEL - Faculty FAQs

New Faculty ANGEL Orientation - a quick guide on how to get started using ANGEL at SUNY Oswego.

1. How do I login?

10. Do students automatically see my course?
2. Where do I find the ANGEL User Guides? 11. How do I enable my course?
3. Logging in error: don't have permission to use site? 12. Adding a TA or guest to my course?
4. When will my courses appear? 13. Sending ANGEL messages to students' SUNY Oswego email address?
5. Multiple course shells for the same course? 14. Can I forward student ANGEL messages to me email account?
6. Remove a course from my ANGEL Home Page? 15. Copying a previous semester's course to current semester?
7. What browsers should I use with ANGEL? 16. Backing up a course?
8. Problems using ANGEL at home? 17. How can I get more help setting up my course in ANGEL?
9. Course not listed on ANGEL 18. How can I get more help setting up my course in ANGEL?


    1. How do I login?

      To log into ANGEL, you must use your SUNY Oswego email username and password. If you have not activiated your email account, please follow the instructions listed here.


    1. Where do I find the ANGEL User Guides?

      Student and Instructor Quick Start Guides are located off of the ANGEL log-in page under the Help link -->Resources.


    1. When logging into ANGEL I receive the following message:

      "The logon information you entered is valid, but the account does not currently have permissions to use this site."
      If you are a faculty member, please contact the SLN Help Desk (800.875.6269)


    1. When will my courses appear?

      Courses should start to appear in your course's nugget shortly after student registration opens for the following semester - by November 1st, courses for the upcoming Spring semester; April 15th for the upcoming Fall semester.


    1. Multiple Course Shells have been created for a course, however, I want all of my students to use the same course shell.

      Course Shells are created for every course listed in the Course Bulletin. If you are teaching a dual listed course or multiple sections of the same course and only want one ANGEL course shell, please send an email to Place 'Merge Rosters' on the subject line; in the body of the message list the courses you want combined. Please mark one of the courses as 'primary' - this will be the course shell that you teach from in ANGEL.


    1. How do I remove a course from my ANGEL Home Page?

      You can take a course off of your Home Page view by clicking the Edit button on the Courses nugget and un-checking the course you'd like to hide from your view.


    1. What browsers should I use with ANGEL?

      Click here for the list of supported browsers.


    1. ANGEL doesn't work as well from home as it does on campus.

      Disable your personal Firewall or Web Accelerator and make sure you are using one of the correct browsers listed above. Also, the Browser Checker on the ANGEL login page will ensure that you have your computer configured correctly to use ANGEL. If any of the browser checks fail, please follow the on-screen instructions to remedy the problem.


    1. I don't see a course listed on my ANGEL home page. How do I get it listed?

      Click the EDIT button on the Courses nugget and make sure the course is checked. You should also click on the "YES" button for "Show Disabled Courses" under 'Advanced Settings' to ensure that all courses are listed.


    1. Do my students automatically see my course when they login to ANGEL?

      Two conditions must be met before a student sees your course after logging into ANGEL. Once a student has officially registered for your course, their student enrollment information will be sent from Banner to ANGEL at least one week prior to the start of the semester. Additionally, your course must be enabled for it to be visible to students (see question 11 on how to enable your course).


    1. I have finished developing my course and am ready to allow students to access my course. How do I enable it?

      Once you have completed developing your course for the upcoming semester, you may need to enable the course so that your students can access it. To do this follow the instructions below:
      1. Click on the course link for which you want to enable.
      2. From the Manage tab, look for the General Course Settings link located inside the middle nugget and click on it.
      3. Click on the Access tab, set Member Access from 'Editors Only' to All Members; set Guest Access to Authenticated
      4. Save your changes!


    1. How do I add a student, teaching assistant or guest to my course roster?

      Student course enrollments happen automatically provided they have officially registered for the course. If you see an issue between the number of students enrolled in your course in the Campus Information System (Banner) and ANGEL please ensure that the student has officially registered within the last 48 hours. If your student has registered for the course; has waited at least 48 hours and the course is still not appearing in your ANGEL course roster, please have them contact the SLN Help Desk.
      You can add additional editors, teaching assistants and guests to your courses by sending a request to . Place Guest Access in the subject line; in the body of the message include the following information: user's name, their role in your course, and email address.


    1. Can I send ANGEL messages to my student's SUNY Oswego email accounts?

      Yes, when you send course-based email, there is an option that says "Send a copy to each recipient's Internet e-mail." Their SUNY Oswego email is part of their account, so this will send the message to the external account. If students prefer messages to be sent to a different address, they can setup a mail forward on the SUNY Oswego email account.


    1. I don't check my ANGEL courses daily. Is there a way that I can have my ANGEL course emails forwarded to my SUNY Oswego email account?

      Yes! If you would like your ANGEL course mail forwarded to your SUNY Oswego email account, please follow these few steps:
      1. Log into ANGEL and click on the Preferences Icon (Preference Icon).
      2. Next, click on the System Settings link.
      3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and type in the forwarding email address of your choice under the Mail Settings area.
      4. It is recommended that you change the email Forwarding mode to: Forward my course mail and mark as unread in course.
      It is recommended that you reply to all course mail from ANGEL to insure that a complete record of the course's interactions be maintained.


    1. How can I copy the content from my previous course in to my new course?

      1. Open new course shell
      2. Go to the Manage Tab
      3. Select Import Console on the Data Management nugget
      4. Select Copy Course
      5. Use the drop down menu to select the desired previous course - select option "Backup courses before import"
      6. Click the Copy button to complete the copy process.


    1. How can I backup my course?

      1. Open desired course shell
      2. Go to the Manage Tab
      3. Select Backup and Restore on the Data Management nugget
      4. Select in Your Backups section, click on the here found on the second line (NOTE: select option to backup up courses before import)
      5. Once backup is completed, a copy of the file can be downloaded to your computer by clicking on the download found on the first line 


  1. How can I get more help setting up my course in ANGEL?

    A comprehensive set of ANGEL help documents is located off the ANGEL log in page under Help link --> Resources --> Faculty FAQs. If you need further assistance, send an email to