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8/28/15 - The last day ANGEL will be accessible is August 31, 2015. On September 1st, all ANGEL users will be redirected to Blackboard Learn.

4/30/15 - ANGEL to Blackboard Learn - Fall 2015 Preparation Information

2/13/15 - ANGEL to Blackboard Learn Migration - Cohort 2 Call for Participation

9/25/14 - ANGEL to BlackBoard Learn Migration Campus Update

7/23/14 - ANGEL Faculty Workshops - please register. Workshops with fewer than 3 participants will be canceled.

10/25/13 - Links to websites not working in ANGEL? Please review the following documents:
 Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox, & Chrome.

8/26/12 - What's New in ANGEL 8.0 - This document is provides an overview of the new features in ANGEL.

4/19/12 - ANGEL to BlackBoard Migration Update Two.

09/28/11 - Bb transition executive summary: SUNY has selected Blackboard as the preferred successor learning management system to ANGEL. As support for ANGEL ends in 2014, SUNY Oswego has evaluated our options for LMS replacement and have also selected Blackboard. The full rationale for selection and guidance on implementation can be read here.

08/19/11 - ANGEL to BlackBoard Migration Update.

Students in need of ANGEL assistance, can contact the SLN Help Desk at 1.800.875.6269.

The ANGEL Learning Management System (LMS) is SUNY Oswego's campus supported web-based teaching and learning tool. At SUNY Oswego, ANGEL is used by faculty to web enhance classroom-based courses with online activities, as well as teaching hybrid and fully online courses. ANGEL provides faculty with an easy-to-use interface for generating online materials and provides students with a consistent environment for interacting with online course materials regardless of the mode of instruction.

The ANGEL LMS can be used to post course syllabi, lecture notes, links to articles, powerpoint presentations and multi-media. Faculty can also use ANGEL features such as quizzes, surveys, open and small group discussions, create drop boxes for assignments and course mail to encourage student course participation.

SUNY Oswego is part of the SUNY Learning Network (SLN). SLN is the State University of New York's award-winning online education program. SLN is one of the world's leading providers of online learning. Take individual SUNY classes or earn complete SUNY degrees online. Connect to classmates, faculty, and resources at any time and from any place. Experience SUNY's commitment to excellence in online teaching and learning!

Faculty: email your ANGEL questions to