Transcript Notation:Suspensions or Expulsions


  A.  Generally, disciplinary actions are not noted on academic transcripts. However, if a student is suspended or expelled as a result of a disciplinary action, they will have an “NG” notation in the place of a grade on every course for which they are registered in the semester of the effective date of the suspension or expulsion. The credits attempted for that semester will be included in the total number of credits attempted. The “NG” notation will become a permanent part of the student’s academic record (transcript).

  B.  Students with “NG” notations must have the approval of the Dean of Students before they can apply for readmission to the College. If the student is readmitted to the College, the courses with “NG” notation can be repeated. The “NG” notation, however, will remain on the academic transcript.

  C.  Conduct involving serious crimes, including, but not limited to arson, hazing, robbery/burglary, motor vehicle theft, murder/manslaughter, physical assault, sexual and interpersonal violence, and/or conduct that leads to death or serious physical injury of another person, shall result in a permanent transcript notation of suspension or expulsion from the College. The permanent transcript notation will read: “suspended after a finding of responsibility for a code of conduct violation on (date).” or “expelled after a finding of responsibility for a code of conduct violation on (date).”

  D.  For the respondent who withdraws, is not enrolled due to winter/summer break, or is interim suspended from the College while such conduct charges are pending, and declines to complete the disciplinary process, a notation will go on the transcript of such students that they “withdrew with conduct charges pending.” Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken prior to the student’s return to SUNY Oswego. The comment is removed if the student is readmitted after completing the conduct process.

  E.. Appeals seeking removal of a transcript notation for a suspension, provided that such notation shall not be removed prior to one year after conclusion of the suspension, shall be directed to the Dean of Students. For suspensions related to serious crimes listed above, the notation will permanently remain on the transcript. Notations for expulsion shall not be removed. If a finding of responsibility is vacated for any reason, any such transcript notation shall be removed.