Student Participation in College Policy Formation

14. All constituents of the College community are free, individually and collectively, to express their views on issues of College policy and on matters of interest to the student body.  The President shall provide clearly defined means for student expression on all College policies affecting academic and student affairs.  Students may petition the College regarding issues of administrative policy and actions. 

15. The role of the student government and its responsibilities shall be made explicit.  There should be no review of lawful student government actions except where review procedures are agreed upon in advance or clearly mandated by law or by SUNY regulation.

16. Where College owns and operates residences, the residents shall significantly participate in the development of programs and policies directly and substantially affecting their personal lives, including the imposition of sanctions for violations of stated norms of conduct, except that the College may direct minimal standards to insure compliance with all federal, state and local laws, College policies, and Regulations and Procedures for Maintaining Public Order on Campuses of the Student University of New York.

17. On questions of educational policy, students are entitled to a participatory or consultative role.

     A. Faculty-student committees with ex-officio College student affairs staff shall be created to consider questions of and to make recommendations concerning policy directly affecting student life.

     B. Students shall be designated as members of standing and special advisory committees concerned with College policy affecting academic and student affairs, including those concerned with curriculum, discipline, admissions, and allocation of student funds.

     C. This section shall not be construed as a limitation on students’ rights to be members of committees serving a function other than advisory whenever such membership is permitted under the Policies of the Board of Trustees, Regents Regulations, the laws or regulations of the State of New York, or the policies of the College.