Student Organizations

18. Student organizations are an important link in students’ learning experiences at SUNY Oswego.  Such organizations contribute to the overall development and enjoyment of their members.  Additionally, student organizations provide a platform for members to develop their leadership skills and contribute to the social and intellectual fabric of the campus environment.  The College encourages students to form student clubs and organizations and requires registration of all clubs and organizations that wish to use College facilities and grounds for their meetings, events, and activities.

       A. Student organizations may be established within the College for academic, educational, social, and recreational purposes.  Such organizations may qualify for the use of College facilities and other privileges of association with the College by registering with the Department of Campus Life described in the policy on Student Organizations: Policy and Procedures in this handbook. 

       B. Subject to regulations of the State University of New York, affiliation with an extramural organization shall not, in itself, disqualify the College branch or chapter from College privileges.

       C. Any student organization members who engage in activities in violation of the law, this Code, or the policies, procedures and rules of the College, on or off campus, may be subject to College disciplinary action.  The officers of such student organizations may also be subject to College disciplinary action as a result.  Sanctions for student organizations include, but are not limited to, the denial of recognition by the Student Association, the denial of registration and permission to use facilities and services by the College, and other sanctions as deemed appropriate as a result of a due process hearing.

19. The collection, appropriation and disbursement of student activity fees must conform to the existing policies of the State University of New York Board of Trustees related to Student Activity Fees.  A representative student organization, designated as such by the President of the College, shall prepare and approve a budget for the expenditure of such fees.  This budget must be submitted to, and approved by the President, or designee, for review and to certify that the allocations are in compliance with the policies and procedures which govern the use of these fees before such monies are disbursed. Currently, the designated student organization is the Student Association.

20. Student organizations that desire to be recognized and funded by the Student Association and receive the rights and privileges of recognition must meet the requirements set forth by the Student Association.

      A. All student organizations that meet the following requirements shall be recognized:

  1. Submission of a list of officers and copies of the organizational constitution and bylaws to the appropriate Student Association official or body.  All changes and amendments shall be submitted in writing within one week after they become effective.
  2. Where there is affiliation with an extramural organization, that organization’s constitution and bylaws and the name and address of an organization contact person shall be filed with the appropriate Student Association official or body.  All proposed amendments shall be submitted in writing at least 14 days prior to their becoming effective.
  3. All sources of outside funds shall be disclosed to the Director of Finance and subject to the Student Association financial policy.

       B. Upon recognition of an organization, the Student Association shall make clear that said recognition infers neither approval nor disapproval of the aims, objectives, and policies of the organization.

       C. Any recognized student organization desiring to take advantage of privileges afforded by the College must register with Department of Campus Life.

21. Membership in any student organization shall be open to any member of the College community who is willing to subscribe to the stated aims and to meet the stated obligations of the registered student organization.

22. Generally, membership lists are for the exclusive use of registered student organizations and are maintained by the College or the student organization in the furtherance of the quality of the student organization and will be shared only with College staff who have a legitimate educational interest. The names, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses of officers are required as a condition of registration with Department of Campus Life for use of College facilities and services.

23. College facilities and grounds shall be assigned by the College to registered student organizations for business meetings, educational meetings, social programs, and programs or events open to the College community or the public, in accordance with the following provisions:

       A. Reasonable conditions may be imposed to regulate the timeliness of requests, to determine the appropriateness of the facilities assigned, to regulate time and manner of use, and to insure proper maintenance and personal safety.

       B. Preference may be given to programs designed for audiences consisting primarily of members of the College community.

       C. Allocation of facilities shall be made based on priority of requests and the demonstrated needs of the registered student organization.

       D. The College may delegate the assignment function to an administrative official, to another employee(s), or to a student committee on organizations.

       E. Charges may be imposed for costs associated with the use of grounds and facilities.

       F. Physical abuse of assigned facilities shall result in limitations on future use of facilities or grounds by offending registered student organizations and restitution for damages.   Student organizations, their officers or directors shall be secondarily liable for damages occasioned by the physical abuse of the facilities during use.

       G. Registered student organizations requesting the use of facilities or grounds shall follow the procedures described in the College’s Facilities Use policy in this handbook. 

24. In accordance with the Board of Trustees’ Resolution and accompanying guidelines issued by the Office of the Chancellor, dated May 31, 1967, the following regulations concerning the use of the College name are in effect:

       A. No student shall indicate or imply that he/she has a relationship with the State University of New York at Oswego or the State University of New York beyond that of his/her officially enrolled status.

       B. Only registered student organizations may indicate on their letterhead and in the routine course of business that the organization is located at the State University of New York at Oswego.  Registered student organizations shall refer to themselves as “Name of Student Organization at SUNY Oswego”.  In no way shall a student or a registered student organization indicate or imply that it has the authority to act in the name of the College or in any way make binding commitments on behalf of the College.

       C. Announcements, letters, bulletins, posters, et cetera, promoting or describing a meeting, event,  program, or activity, or stating a position, point of view or concern must clearly indicate the name of the  sponsoring or posting organization(s) and contact information of the individual member(s) designated as the contact person(s) for the event.