Strategic Plan

In December 2014, SUNY Oswego launched its newest strategic plan, Tomorrow: Greater Impact and Success. Tomorrow will lead to a better understanding of the way SUNY Oswego pursues its mission and values. We will assess our activities and refine our actions accordingly to meet desirable outcomes tied to the public good. And, in doing so, we will have a new story of success to tell in this age of challenge. We will demonstrate our value not simply through the accounts of our students’ and graduates’ compelling experiences but also more irrefutably through empirical data.

Tomorrow will lead the way to greater educational excellence and success, firmer identity and reputation, increased institutional effectiveness and assured sustainability for SUNY Oswego for generations to come. The five impacts structuring Tomorrow are the foundation of what our work ultimately means; the achievement of these impacts demonstrate the relevance of our institution.

  •  Impact 1: Our students and graduates thrive and succeed.
  •  Impact 2: Our education ecosystem is highly collaborative and engaged.
  •  Impact 3: Our communities and partnerships are enriched and supported.
  •  Impact 4: Our institution is highly effective and sustainable
  •  Impact 5: Our faculty, staff and students move the dial on grand challenges of our time.