Generally, the college does not permit the use of the campus for solicitation of students by students acting as agents, or on behalf of an external entity, or by any external entities as they interfere with the educational purposes and activities of the college.  However, the Director of Campus Life, acting on behalf of the college and, where appropriate, in consultation with college administrators, shall approve solicitation activities on a case-by-case basis and shall determine the time, place and manner of solicitation activities. 

Solicitation of students is not permitted during periods of final examinations or orientation of new students, except as provided by the college.

The advertisement or processing of applications for credit cards is prohibited as is the recruitment of students to solicit campus members on campus on behalf of private entities.

Solicitation is defined as any activity that:

  1. Results in the sale of any product or service by a commercial enterprise or its agent(s).
  2. Encourages support for or membership in any group, association, organization, or cause which is not directly affiliated with the college.
  3. Provides an informational session or presentation by any individual or group which is not directly affiliated with the college.

Solicitation on college property shall occur in accordance with the following provisions:

  1. Products and services that compete directly with those already offered on the campus will not be permitted.
  2. Solicitation in campus residence halls must be approved, in advance, by the Office of Residence Life and Housing and conducted in accordance with Residence Life and Housing policies and procedures for such activity.
  3. Solicitation in campus dining centers must be approved, in advance, by Auxiliary Services and conducted in accordance with Auxiliary Services policies and procedures for such activity.
  4. Solicitation activities in academic buildings and on college grounds must be properly registered with the Department of Campus Life in accordance with all policies and procedures for such use and the reservation for space approved, in advance.  Final approval for solicitation activities in academic buildings and on college rests with the Director of Campus Life.
  5. Solicitation activities and materials shall not interfere with the programs, services, and activities of the college and shall not occur concurrently with programs and services of the college.
  6. Solicitation activities shall not disrupt or interfere with the educational, administrative, or operational activities of the college, the maintenance of campus property, or the free flow of traffic and persons.
  7. Solicitation activities which are fraudulent or misrepresentative are not permitted.
  8. Solicitation activities which are in violation of local, state, or federal law, or policies of the college are prohibited.
  9. Solicitation for monetary donations are prohibited, except as permitted by the Director of Campus Life.
  10. The posting and distribution of promotional materials (e.g., posters, notices, flyers, announcements) and the display of chalked messages are regulated by the college policy on “Posting Promotional Materials on Campus."
  11. Violation of this policy or any other college policy may result in the immediate cancellation of the solicitation activity, the denial of future requests to conduct solicitation activities on college property, and/or disciplinary action.