28. Students have the same rights to privacy as any other citizen and surrender none of those rights by becoming members of the academic community.  These rights of privacy extend to residence hall living with the concomitant obligations to maintaining an environment conducive to academic learning.  Nothing in the College relationship or room and board agreement may expressly nor implicitly give College officials the right to consent to a warrantless search of a student’s room by police or other government officials.

29. Generally, the College will not pursue inquiry into students’ lives away from campus except where their conduct is harmful to self or others, detrimental to the learning environment, and/or damaging to the educational interests of the institution.  

30. When the College seeks access to a student room in a residence hall to determine compliance with provisions of applicable multiple-dwelling unit laws or for improvement or repairs, the occupant shall be notified of such action not less than  twenty-four hours  in  advance.  There may be entry without notice in emergencies where imminent danger to life, safety, health, or property is reasonably feared or where a diligent effort has been made to notify the student resident, and entry is made in the course of management duties.  In such cases, the College shall notify the student that entry into his/her room has been made, and reason(s) therefore shall be stated in such notice.

31. College officials may conduct a search of a student room in a residence hall to determine compliance with federal, state, and local law, and College policies, procedures, and rules where there is reasonable cause to believe that a violation has occurred or is occurring.