Generally, the college does not permit the use of the campus for solicitation of students by students acting as agents, or on behalf of an external entity, or by any external entities as they interfere with the educational purposes and activities of the college.  However, the Director of Campus Life, acting on behalf of the college and, where appropriate, in consultation with college administrators, shall approve solicitation activities on a case-by-case basis and shall determine the time, place and manner of solicitation activities. 

Posting Promotional Material on Campus

Informing the college community about events, programs, and services is a necessary and important part of ensuring the success of those activities.  In recognition of this need, The college has designated suitable areas throughout the campus for the purpose of posting and distributing promotional materials.  The intent of this policy is to set forth procedures for the orderly posting and distribution of promotional materials primarily by registered student organizations and students.  This policy also provides requirements in terms of the time, place, and manner for posting and distributing

Late-Night Party/Dance Policy

The college encourages the production of co-curricular activities that contribute positively to the social development of registered student organizations and their members. It is the responsibility of the college to take reasonable precautions to protect the safety and overall well-being of the college community and college facilities. This policy has been developed in an effort to achieve both of these objectives while allowing registered student organizations the freedom to plan large-scale late-night social activities that help to achieve the goals of their organizations.

Lakeside Activities on Campus

A reservation must be confirmed for all lakeside activities by filling out a request form at:

Lakeside activities should be held at the north end of parking lot #1 next to Walker Health Center.

Bonfires are permitted in the fire pit provided and when weather conditions are calm. The college complies with Section 307 of the Fire Code of NYS - Open Burning and Recreational

Identification Cards

The college requires all students to procure and carry a valid SUNY Oswego identification card.  The identification card must be presented or surrendered upon request of a college official, including residence hall staff, University Police, Student Affairs staff, and students authorized by the college to supervise campus events, activities, and residence halls. The college identification card is used to access campus services, buildings, events, Penfield Library materials, and campus dining operations.