25. A student, or registered student organization may reasonably distribute, hand-to-hand, written material on campus without prior approval, providing such distribution does not disrupt or interfere with the educational, administrative, or operational activities of the College, the maintenance of College property, the terms of this Code, or the free flow of traffic and persons.  All such written material shall clearly identify its sponsor.  Sponsors are responsible for the cleanliness of the College facilities as a result of posting or leaf-letting.  The posting of notices or advertisements and the display of messages on campus grounds and in campus facilities must comply with the College policies on Posting Promotional Materials in this handbook. 

26. The student press is to be free of censorship.  The editors and managers shall not be arbitrarily suspended because of student, faculty, administrative, alumni, or community disapproval of editorial policy or editorial content.  Similar freedom is assured for oral statements of views on a student-operated radio or television station.  Editorial freedom entails a corollary obligation of student media organizations under the canons of responsible journalism and applicable regulations of the Federal Communications Commission.

27. All student media shall explicitly state on the editorial page or in broadcast that the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the College or its student body.