No Contact Letters

 A. Definition

No Contact Letters are directives issued by the Dean of Students or designee or University Police prohibiting communication between or among designated students.  No Contact Letters are issued when, in the judgment of the Dean of Students, there is reason to believe that an order would be in the best interest of all parties and the community for maintaining peace and safety.  No Contact Letters prohibit all forms of communication between designated students, direct or indirect, written, electronic or through a third party.

Student Conduct Procedures


Any member of the College community may file charges against a student or student organization for alleged misconduct.  A non-member of the SUNY Oswego community may submit a complaint of suspected misconduct by a student to the Assistant Dean of Students for determination.  The College will undertake, where feasible, an investigation.  In instances where it is determined that charges should be brought against the student or student organization, certain procedures and standards will apply. 


 44.  After a finding that a violation of the Code has occurred, a record of previous disciplinary sanctions together with a finding of misconduct in a current charge will be taken into consideration by the student conduct body to determine the appropriate disciplinary sanction.  Repeat violators shall be subject to more severe disciplinary sanctions.

       One or more of the sanctions listed below may be imposed upon a finding of misconduct:

Conduct Subject to Disciplinary Action

43.  College discipline shall be applied to conduct by a student or student organization occurring on College premises, activities off campus, or at College sponsored programs off campus. College sponsored programs by a student or student organization off campus include but are not limited to: internships, field study, student teaching, community service, international study programs, recreational, intramural and club sports activities, and intercollegiate athletics.