Missing Persons

Most reports of missing college students are caused by miscommunication between the student and those who are expressing concern for the student's welfare. Students have the option through myoswego to inform the college of the name and personal telephone contact information for a person the student would like to designate as a person to notify in case the student is reported missing.

The college will take a proactive approach to all reports of missing students. A missing student is defined by the NYS Campus Safety Act of 1999 as "a student of an institution (college or university) who resides in a facility owned or operated by such institution and who is reported as missing from his or her residence." All reports of missing students should be made to University Police (315.312.5555) who, in turn, will initiate an immediate investigation.  Depending on the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the student, University Police may call on the assistance of, and work cooperatively with, other law enforcement agencies and other resources to locate the student.  Any indication that a student, as defined above, was taken against their will or is otherwise in imminent jeopardy, should be brought to the attention of University Police without delay. 

Reports that a student living off campus is missing should be directed to the law enforcement agency serving the area in which the student resides. The college will assist those agencies in their investigation wherever possible.