Interim Suspension

42.  Interim suspension may be implemented by the President or designee when a student’s presence is deemed to constitute an imminent threat to the safety of persons or property on College premises and/or would pose an imminent threat of disruption of the conduct of College activities or significant interference with the educational purposes of the College, or can reasonably be deemed to expose the campus to additional harm in a future context.  A student under interim suspension may be denied access to College programs, grounds, and facilities pending a hearing on a Statement of Charges.

Notice of interim suspension shall be provided to the student.  A meeting with the President or designee with respect to the basis of the decision to invoke interim suspension may be requested by the accused student by writing to the Dean of Students.  The interim suspension shall not exceed a reasonable time, assuming the student’s response to notice and process is timely.  A disciplinary hearing on the alleged violation(s) of the Code will be scheduled by the Assistant Dean of Students.

Students subject to interim suspension may be permitted restricted access to campus pending the outcome of a disciplinary hearing.  The student may request access by writing to the Dean of Students or designee.  Students who violate the terms of access may be denied all access to the campus and may be subject to disciplinary action for non-compliance, as well as arrest.