Experiential and Field Placements

The college encourages students to make full use of the learning environment outside the classroom.  Work and volunteer experiences broaden a student’s understanding and provide opportunities to apply concepts learned in the classroom to practical situations and to enhance their classroom learning from experience gained outside the classroom.

1. Expectations for behavior

The College expects students to be responsible, ethical and professional in all work environments consistent with guidelines as expressed in the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct, including adherence to federal, state and local laws and the policies of the field placement site.  Students who engage in experiential placements, both on and off-campus, such as internships, student teaching, practica, volunteer services, service learning, and field-based independent studies are participating in College -sponsored programs and thus, are subject to the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct.  Misconduct, poor judgment, and inappropriate actions in any work or volunteer placement may subject the student to dismissal from a specific placement and/or disciplinary action.  The College will provide an explanation of the circumstances surrounding dismissal.  The College in such circumstances has no obligation to reassign a student.  The School of Education has its own Fair Process Policy.  Under advisement, students dismissed during their practica, field experience, or student teaching will be reassigned if they are permitted to re-register for the course.

2. Student disclosure during application process 

Students should realize that for certain specific experiential placements, the College or the placement itself may require that students provide references, fingerprint checks, disclosure of information concerning criminal convictions, or other information as part of an application for experiential placements.  Release of information may be a requirement of an individual placement.  Criminal convictions or College disciplinary action may have an adverse affect on the opportunity for students to obtain an experiential placement, field placement, and licensure in a profession.

3. Placements

     A.  The College attempts to make placements for eligible students; however, the college cannot provide nor guarantee a placement in all cases.  Final decisions for eligibility, appropriateness, and preparedness for a placement rest in the professional judgment of those who review students for possible placement.  Factors beyond the control of the College may influence a student’s ability to find a placement.  A student’s inability to obtain a placement may affect the student’s ability to complete an educational program.  In such cases, a student may be encouraged to withdraw or transfer to another degree program.

     B.  Students may not create their own experiential placements for credit, whether voluntary or required for an academic program, without informing the sponsoring department and obtaining prior approval directly from that department.  Students are not employees or agents of the College while engaging in their experiential placements. Students may not represent themselves as an agent of the College seeking a placement unless they have department sponsorship and supervision from a member of the College faculty and/or staff.

4. Confidential information and referrals

If a student is placed in a department at the College for his/her experiential placement, the student may, as a result of the placement, have access to confidential information and materials related to other members of the College community.  The student is prohibited from disclosing to any party any academic or personal information or materials related to another member of the College community.  It will be the responsibility of the experiential placement supervisor to inform the student of the expectations regarding confidentiality.  Students should also be aware that a similar expectation for confidentiality is required in many off-campus experiential placements.

See individual department and/or program handbooks for additional information related to experiential and field placement procedures and expectations.