March 10, 2022 - 8:06am

On March 4, 2022, SUNY Oswego lifted its mask mandate and no longer requires those who are fully vaccinated and boosted to wear masks on campus except under certain circumstances as outlined below.

All students and employees are still required to wear a mask if/when:

  • in an instructional setting when required by the instructor
  • in an office where required
  • in a healthcare setting (e.g., Mary Walker Health Center, COVID-19 testing center, on-campus vaccination clinic, etc.)
  • while riding on Centro buses and public transportation
  • in an indoor gathering of 5,000 or more individuals
  • you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. In this case, you are required to wear a mask, get tested immediately and quarantine while you await results.
  • you are in quarantine or isolation (e.g., you will also be required to mask for five days after ending isolation, days 6-10).

For more information, visit Masking on Campus