January 4, 2022 - 1:15pm

The following instructions are provided below to assist SUNY Oswego students with submitting their COVID vaccine records, including Booster shots, within the Medicat patient portal (https://oswego.medicatconnect.com/). 

  1. Go to the Medicat Patient Portal.
  2. Once logged in with your Laker Net ID and password, go to the top toolbar and click Upload.
  3. Choose Immunization History.
  4. There are choices listed for the type of document you are uploading. Choose Immunization History.
  5. Browse your device for the file you wish to upload and select this file.
  6. Please make sure you have two patient identifiers (name, date of birth or student ID number) on your document for it to be accepted.
  7. Once your file is selected click the Blue Upload button.
  8. If the document uploads properly it will be listed under the "documents on file" section.
  9. You can also email proof of vaccination to whealth@oswego.edu or fax to 315-312-5409.