March 28, 2021 - 1:18pm

Beginning March 22, all individuals taking a COVID-19 test in our Lee Hall and Syracuse Campus Testing Centers will now have access to their diagnostic test results via the SUNY Upstate app – the same app where the individual logs in prior to testing.  All results will be viewable via the Upstate app (in each individual’s profile section) as soon as they are known. Accordingly, you will no longer receive test results via an email from SUNY Oswego.

To help you best understand the results posted to your Profile, a "Test Result Key" is provided below:

  • Pending - this is indicated as soon as a tester completes the test and until a result is known---either pooled or individual (reflex)
  • Presumed Negative - pool result is negative for COVID-19
  • Reflex Negative - individual test from a positive pool now indicates a negative COVID-19 result
  • Reflex Positive - individual test from a positive pool now indicates a positive COVID-19 result

For more information, visit the Testing and Tracing section of the Oswego Forward Spring 2021 Guide.