November 9, 2020 - 8:58am
Dear Members of the SUNY Oswego campus community, 

As our students prepare to leave campus and the greater Oswego County community this month, SUNY Oswego has completed and submitted a final Testing Policy for Departing Campus in its efforts to maintain the highest level of public health and safety standards. The plan is supported by the Oswego County Health Department and has been approved by SUNY.

The Testing Policy for Departing Campus has been posted in its entirety to the Oswego Forward website. The key elements of the plan are also provided below to better aid our students as they plan for their departure from campus on or before November 25, 2020 (the last day of face-to-face coursework) and complete their semester remotely.

  • All students residing on campus, working on campus, taking at least one class on campus, or utilizing services on campus are mandated to take a COVID-19 exit test within 10 days prior to November 25, 2020.

  • Students may reserve an exit test on campus between Monday, Nov. 16 and Monday, Nov. 23. Schedule your exit test online today.

  • All students who participate in exit testing will receive an email from the campus with their pooled test result within 3 days after testing. Students should plan for this delay in obtaining results prior to their departure from campus.

  • All on-campus students must receive confirmation of their negative COVID-19 pooled test result to receive clearance to formally check out of their residence halls to return home. Students must coordinate their departure in consultation with Residence Life and Housing.
  • If a student leaves campus prior to November 25, 2020, they assume full responsibility for completing all in-class responsibilities and requirements.

  • Regular testing will be required for any student remaining on campus (after Nov. 25) and all employees reporting to campus.  

Are any students exempt from mandatory exit testing?

The following students may be exempted from the mandatory exit testing required above: (1) fully remote students; (2) students providing documentation to the campus of a COVID-19 diagnostic result within the 10-day period of Nov. 16 – Nov. 25; and (3) students providing documentation to the campus of a positive COVID-19 diagnostic result within the last 90 days. Students must confirm their exemption by emailing

Will isolation/quarantine rooms be available on campus for students who test positive?

Yes.  All isolation and quarantine areas will remain open and fully serviced to any residential student who tests positive for COVID-19 or has been exposed to COVID-19, including daily meal service and health checks. SUNY Oswego will consult with the Oswego County Health Department before any student in quarantine or isolation is released to go home.

Are employees required to test Nov. 16 – Nov. 25?

SUNY Oswego strongly recommends that all employees who are currently reporting to campus, including UUP, PEF, CSEA, PBA and M/C employees, reserve one of the saliva-testing slots available on campus between Monday, Nov. 16 and Wednesday, Nov. 25.  Employees are encouraged to schedule their test online today.

We believe the above protocols combined with ongoing, aggressive testing, will provide for the greatest assurances of a safe and healthy departure for our students, their families, and the greater Oswego County community. Although this semester has taken several unexpected turns, we are incredibly proud of the ways in which our students, faculty and staff have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic this fall to ensure the health and safety of members of our community. You have, through your own individual actions, shown great care for your fellow classmates, colleagues and the entire Oswego community. You have displayed empathy for others as well as the understanding of your role and the grit necessary to ensure we all continue moving Oswego Forward.

As you prepare for the final weeks of the semester and most of you return home for a well-deserved break with family and friends, please remember to continue to adhere to safety guidelines even after your departure from campus. The virus is all around us and cases continue to spike in communities across our state, nation and the globe. In the days and weeks ahead, please do your best to stay safe and healthy. Please stay focused on the last few weeks of classes to ensure your success, and stay tuned for important information we will share with you soon regarding the spring 2021 semester and Oswego’s Spring Forward 2021 Plan, which we anticipate completing in early December.

Questions?  Email for general related information or for questions about your departure from campus this fall.

With warm regards,

Jerri Howland
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Scott R. Furlong
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs