August 26, 2022 - 2:52pm

Earlier this week, a SUNY Oswego student was placed on interim suspension for inappropriate conduct and failing to adhere to SUNY Oswego’s Student Code of Conduct. While an investigation into the incident is currently ongoing, let me assure our campus community that no threat remains, as swift action was taken to remove the student from campus.

Since their removal, I have seen information on social media that is false, and would ask community members, including students and their families, to be cautious about speculating about and posting information related to this situation. We take this matter seriously, as we do the privacy rights of our students.  

We were able to act so quickly because community members were willing to bring the situation to our attention, and I am very grateful for their actions. Remember, if you see or hear something that concerns you, please report it  through the appropriate channels, either by contacting University Police at 315.312.5555 or by contacting our Office of the Dean of Students at 315.312.5483, or via email at

Thank you for helping us make the SUNY Oswego community one in which we can all grow and learn. If you have any questions about our community expectations, I encourage you to review the Student Handbook. Have a wonderful weekend and be in touch with any questions.


Dr. Kathleen G. Kerr
Vice President for Student Affairs