A call to action on DACA from Deborah F. Stanley, Lisa Glidden and Dalton Bisson

September 7, 2017 - 10:45am

A call for action on DACA to be sent to the NYS Congressional Delegation from:
Deborah F. Stanley,  SUNY Oswego, President;​  Lisa Glidden Faculty Assembly, Chair;​
and Dalton Bisson, Student Association, President

As representatives of the SUNY Oswego campus community, we urge Congress to immediately pass legislation to protect and support  “Dreamers” who are our neighbors, students, defenders, colleagues and friends.  We ask members of Congress to do their job: assure justice for “Dreamers” and act with the moral and ethical resolve we strive for in our American culture and recognize as inherent in our national identity. 

At SUNY Oswego, we care deeply about all our students and remain committed to securing the future of our students who, personally or through connections to loved ones, now face undeserved discrimination and life-changing ramifications from the decision to end the Delayed Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

At SUNY Oswego, we value “Dreamers” in our community, regardless of birthplace or immigration status. Their heritage, life story and work ethic enrich our campus every day. They enhance SUNY Oswego’s compelling academic environment and add vibrancy and understanding to our rich mix of people.  Our campus, our state and country would not be the same if they were not here.  

Nearly 800,000 individuals in our nation now face devastating alteration to their lives and aspirations and do not deserve the fate unfairly placed upon them. “Dreamers” have demonstrated their commitment to this country: as children growing up in our communities, as scholars in our institutions, as productive and talented employees in our workforce, as brave and selfless members of our military.  We honor their presence and their contributions to our society now and in the future.

We, as Americans, must be willing to shoulder the responsibility to assure that our nation’s laws reflect highly moral and deeply ethical positions. To refuse to do so in this instance would seriously debase our heritage as a nation of immigrants and hope.  This is not and should not be made a partisan matter.