Counseling and psychological services grants

Deadline: There is no deadline, as grants are reviewed on a rolling basis. Limited funds are available for students presenting or co-presenting at national, regional or state conferences; who are engaged in scholarly research; or who wish to participate in professional development training. Students must be sponsored by a CPS faculty member and make application via a letter to the department chair. A student may receive a maximum of one award per year.

Conference presentations
Grants for conference presentation in areas related to her/his field will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis according to the following:
• Presenting at national conference - $150
• Presenting at regional conference - $100
• Presenting at state conference - $50

The letter should include:
• Presenter's name
• Name of faculty sponsor
• Title of presentation
• Name of conference
• Location
• Outline of budget

Research grants
Grants for research in your area of study will be awarded based on the reviewers' determination of scholarly merit. Grants awarded will be $150 each. You should include the following in your letter:
• Title and abstract of your research
• Name of faculty sponsor
• Outline of your budget (i.e., ways you will use the money)

Professional training
Grants for professional training in an area related to your program of study will be based on the reviewers' determination of professional merits. Grants awarded will be $75.
• Name and type of training
• Location of training
• Faculty co-sponsor
• Ways you plan to integrate training in your professional work
• Outline of budget

For further information, contact:
Dr. Michael Leblanc