The record of flora and fauna of Rice Creek Field Station includes 718 species of plants, 61 species of fungi, 66 species of butterflies, 16 species of fish, 19 species of amphibians, 10 species of reptiles, 80 species of birds, and 28 species of mammals.

Trails overview

As a wildlife study area, Rice Creek is dedicated to the study, preservation and management of the environment.  It is a living laboratory for SUNY Oswego students and others interested in learning about local ecology and conservation.  In an effort to increase environmental awareness, nature trails provide access to the numerous habitats around the Rice Creek.

Sustainable features

SUNY Oswego's Rice Creek Field Station's scheduled rejuvenation has become a rebirth as of later summer 2013, thanks to a new, larger, greener building to replace the wood-frame structure that has housed the research and educational headquarters serving the college and community since 1966.

During the planning process, the decision was made to tear down the old structure and build a new one about 50 feet to the north of the old location, setting the entire facility further away from the edge the wetlands.

Science in action

Presenting profiles of students' research conducted at Rice Creek Field Station. From field work to laboratories, there are a variety of opportunities for SUNY Oswego students to pursue their own science projects.

Imran Razik


Rice Creek Field Station is located on Thompson Road, Oswego, New York about 5.3 km (3.3 mi.) west of the Oswego River between New York State Route 104 and Johnson Road (County Route 7).

The entrance to the field station grounds is on Thompson Road 1.7 km (1.25 mi.) south of its junction with New York State Route 104, immediately west of the main entrance to the SUNY Oswego campus.

The entrance road turnoff is at the intersection of Thompson Road the abandoned Brownell Road.
+43.430491, -76.542769   


SUNY Oswego's Rice Creek Field Station offers a variety of habitats and natural history influenced by glaciers and people.

Mission and history


It is the specific mission of Rice Creek Field Station to develop, equip, staff, and maintain a facility adequate to carry out a coherent, field oriented program of academic instruction, research, and service in support of the instructional and research needs of SUNY Oswego faculty and students, and in response to the needs of the regional scientific and educational community and the public at large.  

Rice Creek Field Station was featured in the Alumni Association Oswego Magazine Winter 2010 issue.