This program, with traditional or online learning options, prepares those with vocational and technical backgrounds to teach occupational skills in high schools, trade schools, community colleges, agricultural and technical colleges, adult continuing education programs, the armed forces and industry.

Six bachelor of science concentrations meet initial New York state certification to teach agriculture, business and marketing, health careers, family and consumer sciences, technical subjects and trade subjects — while preparing you for the state-administered teacher education examination.

Launch your career


Get involved in community service projects. Work with faculty on applied projects. Take online classes if they best accommodate your schedule.


Opportunities include

  • High school teaching
  • Community college teaching
  • Armed services education
  • Business training

Graduate studies may include

  • Business
  • Educational administration


Oswego's School of Education recently occupied newly renovated space in Park, Wilber and Sheldon halls. Our Field Placement Office can connect you with opportunities to learn in and lead classrooms in a diverse offering of locations.

“(Community service with the Mentor-Scholar Program) has involved me with the Oswego community. It has helped my personal growth and it has really taught me a lot.”

— Ben Truesdail ’11