Mathematics BA

Mathematicians are problem solvers — formulating questions, determining applicable mathematics, solving problems and communicating solutions.


This major prepares you for the growing importance of analyzing and understanding data and statistics. You can choose the bachelor of arts in mathematics to focus more on theory, or the bachelor of science in applied mathematics to examine practical applications in science and operations research. Small classes provide you with individual attention from professors who actively involve you in the learning process.

With the department’s approval, enter the honors program in mathematics, where you’ll have the opportunity to pursue advanced topics and work with faculty one-on-one. For an even greater challenge, work on an independent study. Add to your resume with internships and co-op opportunities. 


Bachelor of Arts

Shineman Center for Science, Engineering and Innovation

This $118 million-dollar facility serves as the home for the mathematics, science, computing and engineering programs. This 230,00 square-foot center features a planetarium, three observation decks, a greenhouse, extensive laboratories and state of-the-art equipment.


  • Command of background material in analytic geometry, calculus, analysis, probability and discrete mathematics, including theorems and procedures
  • Ability to evaluate mathematical arguments and to develop original mathematical arguments
  • Communication skills: develop and write cogent and coherent exposition, in clear and correct sentences, and learn to prepare for an audience and deliver a mathematically coherent presentation, considering both organization of material and the quality of the presentation
  • Develop problem-solving skills, including selection of an appropriate strategy and application of the tools of mathematics to given problems

Career Opportunities

  • Statistics
  • Engineering
  • Actuarial work
  • Cryptology
  • Inventory planning
  • Numerical analysis
  • Web metrics

People in both the departments that I am part of are very welcoming and friendly. The professors are really helpful and approachable, even the department chairs. I enjoy being in both and do not regret my major decisions.

The faculty have allowed me to establish connections and seek out opportunities that are best fit for me. There are so many amazing mentors here who have helped me along in my professional and personal growth.

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  • Timely course offerings
  • High touch connections to alumni 
  • Small student to faculty ratio
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With the department’s approval, enter the honors program, where you’ll have the opportunity to pursue advanced topics and work with faculty one-on-one.

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