Geochemistry BS

The study of the chemical composition of Earth and the other planets, geochemistry provides an interdisciplinary background to deal with the complex problems involving the environment, business and industry, and public policy.


Geochemistry covers topics ranging from the chemical makeup of Venus to the search for oil on Earth. Courses cover general, historical and structural geology; mineralogy; petrology; and physical chemistry.

You can perform research with professors around the country, or learn firsthand about field-based research and much more in our Geology Field Program.

Facilities include four full-sized laboratories, a seismograph for recording worldwide earthquakes and a geology computer lab in the Shineman Center.

Chemistry research at SUNY Oswego

Shineman Center for Science, Engineering and Innovation

This $118-million dollar facility serves as the home for the mathematics, science, computing and engineering programs. the 230,000 square-foot center features a planetarium, three observation decks, a greenhouse,  extensive laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment.


  • Developed quantitative skills that enable you to analyze data and solve problems
  • Skills using computers to conduct literature searches, manage and analyze data, and do basic geochemical modeling.
  • Extensive writing skills, including writing literature reviews, technical reports and research papers
  • Public speaking experience and experience giving oral presentations of your work
  • Ability to critically read scientific papers in your field, which includes enumerating primary arguments, assessing analytical methods, evaluating data quality and rendering learned opinion on the reasonableness of scientific arguments

Career Opportunities

  • Urban planning
  • Environmental restoration
  • Defense intelligence
  • Oil, gas and mineral exploration
  • Geophysics research
  • Environmental consulting

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  • Timely course offerings
  • High touch connections to alumni 
  • Small student to faculty ratio
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