Broadcasting and Mass Communication BA

This Oswego program — which has produced national and international broadcasting stars — incorporates practical experience as you learn about broadcast production, media history, communication, regulations and, the social/economic impact of the media, and management and sales techniques.


You'll learn about the creation and production of media, the interrelated nature of media industries and the skills necessary to write, produce and distribute media messages. Explore a variety of areas, including audio and video production, broadcast journalism, copywriting and media management. Our updated curriculum includes a variety of offerings in integrated media design and social media.

Many hands-on opportunities in front of or behind the camera, in control rooms and on the radio — including with some of the best campus facilities anywhere — make Oswego's broadcasting program a launchpad for countless successful careers.

In addition to campus radio (WNYO) and TV organizations (WTOP), you can seek an internship or co-op opportunity and gain valuable experience. Our students have interned at major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, MTV, ESPN), regional radio (including on-campus National Public Radio affiliate WRVO) and, television stations, state and federal agencies and not-for-profit civic and cultural groups. Our Hollywood POV program takes you to the West Coast media capital to learn about and connect with alumni working in major entertainment and news operations. You can also help organize the annual Dr. Lewis B. O'Donnell Media Summit, which brings prominent names in the industry to campus.


Bachelor of Arts

Top-notch Equipment and Studios

In Oswego's broadcasting and mass communication program, students learn by doing. Our facilities include a new digital television studio, multimedia laboratories, radio studios and multitrack recording facilities.


  • Ability to analyze and evaluate the role of media and its impacts on society
  • Choose to act in ways consistent with the codes of ethics of the communications field
  • Learn to identify the components of media systems and explain how they function within the communications industry
  • Demonstrate the effective use of media tools to create communication messages

Career Opportunities

  • Director
  • Media buyer
  • Media researcher
  • News anchor
  • Press secretary
  • Producer
  • Reporter
  • Video editor

In most classes, the field work starts in the first week. You learn as much practical skill as you do content. From cameras, to lighting, to post production, I've had the chance to work with it all in my courses and have become somewhat proficient.

In my broadcasting classes, all of the faculty teaching me have real-world experience which is really great because when I am in the classroom, it feels like I am in a real-world environment similar to what the workplace will be like.

I'm a part of WNYO and WTOP and both clubs have offered me professional hands-on experience! It really helps, especially if you've never touched equipment before in your life, which was the case for me.

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The Oswego Guarantee

  • No increase in room & board 
  • Timely course offerings
  • High touch connections to alumni 
  • Small student to faculty ratio
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Learn what it's like to work in a professional setting while still in school.

Where our students have interned

  • The American Film Institute
  • Dr. Phil
  • Jim Henson Productions
  • Late Night with Conan O'Brien
  • The Late Show with David Letterman
  • The View

Lakeside Media

Apply to join this video production company, staffed by Oswego students and led by experienced faculty directors.

Study Abroad

Take classes and participate in internships while immersing yourself in all that region has to offer.

Travel to Hollywood

Our Hollywood POV program takes you to entertainment capital of the world to explore the many career paths in the media production industry. You’ll tour studios and soundstages, watch productions take shape and network with industry movers and shakers — many of them SUNY Oswego alumni!


Apply for this full-time, paid integrated learning experience that allows you to gain hands on experience in a professional environment.

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