Biochemistry BS

Biochemistry is the study of chemical components of living creatures — from viruses to mammals — to explain how and why chemical reactions happen.


Biochemists explore the molecular nature of cells, study the development of illnesses, search for new drugs, predict undeveloped/inherited health problems and help forensic experts identify criminals. Our undergraduate curriculum includes chemistry, mathematics, physics, genetics and biology. Accredited by the American Chemical Society and ranking in the top three in the number of certified degrees awarded in New York, our biochemistry degree will help you pursue graduate study, attend health-related professional schools, or work in entry-level positions at laboratories or in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Join the student affiliate of the American Chemical Society (ACS), which offers free tutoring and other services — and has often been cited as one of the most outstanding in the country. Excel and you may qualify for the chemistry honors program, which emphasizes independent study and research — or even the national honor societies Sigma Xi and Phi Kappa Phi.

SUNY Oswego’s Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Research Center — the research and teaching facility where you’ll take a number of your lab classes — conducts important work in cancer and anti-diabetic drug discovery, the effects of lead on the cardiovascular system, ecological and genetic studies and more. Updated and powerful labs in the Shineman Center will aid all your research pursuits.

Chemistry research at SUNY Oswego

Shineman Center for Science, Engineering and Innovation

This $118 million-dollar facility serves as the home for the mathematics, science, computing and engineering programs. This 230,00 square-foot center features a planetarium, three observation decks, a greenhouse, extensive laboratories and state of-the-art equipment.


  • Proficiency with basic chemistry laboratory skills and techniques
  • Experience in public speaking and giving formal presentations
  • Critical thinking: ability to identify, analyze and evaluate arguments as they occur in your own or others' work, and to develop well-reasoned arguments
  • Locate, evaluate and synthesize information from a variety of sources, at the advanced level

Career Opportunities

  • Professional laboratory and managerial positions in the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries
  • Preparation for top graduate schools

I'm participating in forensic science research and it is one of the most fulfilling things I have experienced. I've learned a lot about the different instruments chemists use to conduct research and this has definitely bolstered my resume for future research opportunities and career choices.

Oswego promotes innovation, creativity, and learning while challenging you to be the best version of yourself. I believe that my research experience cultivated my passion for science, biochemistry has taught me how to formulate my own ideas, implement them, and assess them.

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  • Timely course offerings
  • High touch connections to alumni
  • Small student to faculty ratio
  • Limited room & board increases each year
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Apply the knowledge you learn in the classroom to research in the field and laboratory.

Join our Honors Program

Excel and you may qualify for the chemistry honors program, which emphasizes independent study and research.


Apply for this full-time, paid integrated learning experience that allows you to gain hands on experience in a professional environment.

Accredited Program

Our chemistry programs are accredited by the American Chemical Society and placed in the top three in the number of certified degrees award in New York.

Study Abroad

Take classes and participate in internships while immersing yourself in all that region has to offer.

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