The BA and BS programs develop versatile skills in theoretical and experimental physics that many employers in technologically oriented businesses and industry find attractive.

Because employers look for physics graduates with a solid background in experimental methods and the use of modern electronic equipment and computers, all programs stress individual attention from faculty and practical laboratory experience. Oswego's physics program offers many hands-on opportunities in the new Shineman Center through many labs and a working planetarium — as well as through sought-after internships and chances to study abroad in our Global Laboratory program.

Launch your career


The BA combines a broad liberal arts education with a substantial physics component, while the BS places more emphasis on physics, establishing a foundation for graduate study in physics, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering; tracks in traditional physics and applied physics.

Minors that may interest you


Oswego offers top-notch internships, co-op opportunities and connections, most notably immersive 10-week internships at NASA's CalTech Jet Propulsion Laboratory, as well as Global Laboratory placements solving planetary problems in other countries. On campus, an Astronomy Club, Physics Club and Sigma Pi Sigma honor society offer opportunities to get involved. Participate hands-on in faculty research as part of your senior capstone experience in undergraduate research.


Opportunities include

  • Technologically oriented businesses and industry
  • Teaching
  • Astronomy

Graduate studies may include

  • Physics
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medical school
  • Astronomy


Headquartered in the new Richard S. Shineman Center for Science, Engineering and Innovation, physics facilities include our planetarium, computational laboratory, condensed matter physics laboratory, nanotechnology laboratory, thin films laboratory and nuclear instrumentation detectors lab, as well as an observatory at our Rice Creek Field Station.

“In the physics department I was able to find professors that I really enjoyed working with who were also genuinely invested in the outcome of my career. I also had the chance to live in Taiwan during the summer… to do biophysics research at the graduate level.”

— Patrick Howard ’14