Oswego’s philosopy major offers intellectual challenge and growth, as well as access to a great variety of disciplines and a multitude of career paths.

The program instills the ability to speak and write clearly, present logical arguments, imagine diverse possibilities, defend a position and appreciate alternative points of view — skills important to your employability, job security, advancement and ultimate satisfaction in life.

Launch your career



Join the Philosophy Club, and participate in activities ranging from informal conversations to panel discussions, guest lectures and trips to conferences. Take advantage of an internship or study-abroad opportunity related to your career goals. Excel and you can work closely with faculty members in an independent project or special-topic seminar. Attend the annual Warren Steinkraus Lectures on Human Ideals, each of which explores a different topical theme, and take an active role in the discussions that follow.


Opportunities include

  • Law
  • Library science
  • Social work
  • Public justice
  • Publishing
  • Information processing

Graduate studies may include

  • Many graduate programs are highly receptive to applicants with philosophy degrees, and philosophy students typically perform very well on standardized tests such as the GRE and LSAT.