The linguistics major at Oswego — the only one of its kind in the SUNY four-year colleges — develops cross-cultural communication interests and skills for the modern global marketplace.

Gain an in-depth and interdisciplinary experience, grounded in five core linguistics courses that examine the phonetic, phonological, morphological, syntactic and semantic properties of natural languages — plus eight additional courses that observe language from a variety of other perspectives.

Launch your career



Creatively combine courses and interests for an exciting and useful major, whether you’re a freshman or a transfer student. Combine a double-major in linguistics with another field of your choosing. The curriculum helps develop problem-solving and writing abilities — two essential skills for today’s demanding job markets. Excel and you may be inducted into Phi Sigma Iota, the International Foreign Language Honor Society, which includes the study of linguistics.


Opportunities include

  • Teaching English abroad
  • Federal or local government agencies
  • Local judicial systems
  • International trade
  • Speech pathology
  • Technical writing
  • Interpreting/translation

Graduate studies may include

  • Theoretical and applied linguistics
  • Speech science
  • Education
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Sociology