Journalism is an exciting interdisciplinary program that will teach you to gather, write, edit, package and produce the news in the age of information.

It fosters critical thinking, research and communication skills and addresses the social, ethical and legal contexts in which the world practices journalism. Explore the forces that shape television and radio news — and the demands of writing news in broadcast style.

Launch your career


Gain experience at student-run campus media (The Oswegonian, WNYO-FM and WTOP-TV) or on-campus National Public Radio affiliate WRVO. We also offer a network of internships and co-ops with numerous large- and small-market media outlets. Our Hollywood POV program takes you to the West Coast media capital to learn about, and connect with alumni working in, major entertainment and news operations.


Opportunities include

  • Reporter
  • Editor
  • News director
  • Editorial writer
  • Columnist
  • Technical, science or medical writer

Graduate studies may include

  • Business
  • Public relations
  • Communications
  • Law


Outstanding media outlets on campus include student-run weekly The Oswegonian, WNYO-FM and WTOP-TV, as well as National Public Radio affiliate WRVO.

“I think the big thing that people have to understand is that I got my dream internship with the support of faculty, like Professor (Linda) Loomis. The faculty and staff here are incredible. My co-workers and fellow students help me edit my stories so they are the best they can be.”

— Samantha Shelton ’11