The study of the chemical composition of Earth and the other planets, geochemistry provides an interdisciplinary background to deal with the complex problems involving the environment, business and industry, and public policy.

Offered jointly by the Atmospheric and Geological Sciences Department and Chemistry Department, this program covers topics ranging from the chemical makeup of Venus to the search for oil on Earth. Courses cover general, historical and structural geology; mineralogy; petrology; and physical chemistry.

Launch your career



You can perform research with professors around the country, or learn firsthand about field-based research and much more in our Geology Field Program. You also can study geochemistry abroad through through regular coursework or Global Laboratory research placements.


Opportunities include

  • Urban planning
  • Environmental restoration
  • Defense intelligence
  • Oil, gas and mineral exploration
  • Geophysics research
  • Environmental consulting

Graduate studies may include

  • Geology
  • Environmental studies
  • Public policy
  • Engineering
  • Education


Facilities include four full-sized laboratories, a seismograph for recording worldwide earthquakes and a geology computer lab in the new Shineman Center.