5-Year Program

Psychology/Human-Computer Interaction

Bachelor of Arts + Master of Arts

Psychology/Human-Computer Interaction BA + MA

SUNY Oswego offers a dynamic five-year program that prepares you for understanding how humans and technology interact. This option allows students to earn two degrees over a five-year time frame, so you can save money and time by eliminating a semester compared to pursuing these degrees separately.


The psychology BA/human-computer interaction MA is a multidisciplinary program offered by the psychology department and the HCI program. This innovative program combines courses in HCI and psychology to prepare you for a career in human-computer interaction, interaction design, usability engineering and user experience engineering.

Numerous laboratories include a large computer facility that enables you to examine how people interface with technology. Our internationally renowned Center for Neurobehavioral Effects of Environmental Toxins, investigating the effects of exposure to environmental pollutants on cognitive and behavioral development, offers opportunities for talented and highly motivated undergraduates to participate in ongoing research projects.

Research Projects

Students learn to design, evaluate, and implement new information technologies that are understandable, usable, and appealing to a wide variety of people. Our students develop a fundamental understanding of the technology design process, tool-building technologies, evaluation techniques, application areas for users, and the social impact of technology on the individual and community.


As a graduate of this program, you will gain an intensive understanding of the human mind and human relationships with advanced technology to give you a well-rounded, sophisticated skill set.

Career Opportunities

  • User experience
  • Software development
  • Psychotherapy
  • Consumer testing

Program Resources


Apply the knowledge you learn in the classroom to research in the field and laboratory.

Outstanding Labs

The Psychology Department has many labs devoted to specific research areas including trauma, primate behavior and cognition, developmental studies, sensory behavior and cognitive neuroscience among others.


Learn what it's like to work in a professional setting while still in school.

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