In our bachelor's finance program, one of the few four-year finance programs in the Northeast, you'll study the science of managing money, banking, investments and credit.

The teaching of this broad base of knowledge is supported by the years of practical, professional experience our faculty bring to the classroom. Coursework includes strong elements of the accounting, economics and quantitative fields. As a student, you'll even receive hands-on experience helping manage funds.

Launch your career


Visit places such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange as part of extracurricular activities. Join Enactus to network, do community outreach projects and participate in competitions. Become part of the Financial Management Association to make additional connections and learn about research opportunities. Join the Investment Club and take advantage of the opportunity to manage a shared portfolio, and put what you’re learning into practice in your own life.


Opportunities include

  • Corporate financial management
  • Personal financial planning
  • Investment management and research
  • Risk management
  • Banking
  • Financial consulting

Graduate studies may include

  • Business
  • Finance
  • Economics


SUNY Oswego's Gordon A. Lenz Center for Finance, Insurance and Risk Management provides resources for excellence in teaching, research and community outreach.

“I have learned valuable skill sets that I can apply in the professional world and have been able to use in job interviews. Another part of my Oswego experience that has prepared me for the future is being a part of our Enactus organization. Being a part of Enactus has taught me how to work on a team and accomplish goals that have major impacts on local businesses. The School of Business has been an essential part of my career preparation with both its courses and its student organizations.”

— Aaron Millard ’15