Oswego's intensive creative writing program allows you to explore and refine your writing skills in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, playwriting and screenwriting.

You will study with accomplished writers/professors as you move from introductory courses to advanced workshops. Each genre (fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, playwriting and screenwriting) has beginning, intermediate and advanced level courses. Even if you’ve never written in that genre, you’ll learn the basics, work through larger projects and progress to mastery. Critical thinking and communication skills are key components of all coursework.

Launch your career


Advanced creative writing courses include Memoir Writing, Horror Podcasts, Webisodes, Flash Fiction, Sitcom Writing and Blogs. Publish your work in The Oswegonian student weekly, Great Lake Review creative writing journal and Exist e-publication. Join The Creative Writing Club, Writer’s Open Forum, Storyteller’s Guild or New Voices Playwriting.


Opportunities include

  • Author
  • Playwright
  • Filmmaker and producer
  • Magazine and newspaper editor
  • Copy editor
  • Librarian

Graduate studies may include

  • English
  • Writing
  • Journalism
  • Public relations
  • Education
  • Library science
  • Communication

“I love stories. I love telling them, I love reading them, and I love learning about how they work. And I also love games; playing games, talking about games, and learning the science behind games. And I know that I can take these two bits of knowledge and tie them together. And I know that by tying them together I can see the world from an entirely different perspective. And from that perspective I can find things to do and make that can change the world as we know it. Things that take my creative writing and cognitive science backgrounds and turn them into the impetus behind a force of good.”

— Tom Kline ’14