At Oswego, you can realize your artistic vision while learning filmmaking tactics, techniques and technology — as well as the strong organizational skills that drive any success in the field.

Cinema and screen studies focuses on the history, theory and criticism of cinema, as well as of new and pre-cinematic screen media, with a sequence in screenwriting and digital film production. The program incorporates interdisciplinary options that allow you to link studies of moving images to exciting developments in cognitive science, computer and information sciences, and the other humanities, fine arts and social sciences.

Launch your career


Use the course learning agreement to focus on your own interests — whether that means acting, design, computer animation, the psychological and social effects of moving images, media literacy and education ... or the connections among information science, the natural sciences and visual technologies ... or something else. Create a public exhibition of a film or video project — or a public reading and discussion of a research project or screenplay — to fulfill your capstone course requirement. Oswego's program regularly shows well at (and has hosted) the SUNY-wide Film Festival.


Opportunities include

  • Film or television producer
  • Lighting or sound technician
  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Crew member
  • Media sales representative

Graduate studies may include

  • Media production
  • Film theory
  • History of visual culture
  • Film criticism


We offer top-notch editing facilities and a range of cameras available for use as you craft your films.

“I think it’s an amazing learning environment. I call my undergraduate peers and faculty my film family. The support I had from the faculty was absolutely amazing. Oswego wasn’t the original school of my dreams, but the cinema and screen studies program made it the school of my dreams— it’s the school that made my dreams come true.”

— Jeffrey Newell ’12