Student Experiences: Luke

Luke at Stonehendge
Photo: On a trip to the famous Stonehenge.

Why did you want to study abroad, and where did you choose to go?
I always knew I wanted to travel abroad during my time at college.  I choose to go to London my 2nd semester junior year both for my minor in International Business and to gain professional work experience at the same time.  

Describe your campus and what student life was like.
My campus (CAPA London) was a small apartment building 5 stories tall, with classrooms all around and a main floor for computers and relaxing.  Student life was mostly spent away from campus as many of us liked to travel around the city in groups after spending part of the day either working our internship or going to class.  

Was there a language barrier? And if so, how were you able to get through it?
No there was no language barrier. 

Soccer Luke

Photo: Luke visited Wembley Stadium in London for the England National Team.

What did you find most challenging throughout your experience?
I would say managing my money became difficult as I found myself traveling often in groups. As we traveled in groups we happened to stop more frequently whether it would be a bite to eat or a quick drink at one of the local pubs.  
What were your accommodations like? 
I lived in an apartment building, a minute away from the nearest tube station.  A lot to do within a short walk (food, pubs, shopping centre, parks) 

Luke in BArcelona
Photo: Luke was able to visit Barcelona, Spain amongst other locations. 

How were your courses?
I took Managing International Supply Chains and a Global Workforce Management class.  We did a lot of group work and often times we would be working with other CAPA schools across other countries to create and complete presentations.  
How was the food?
My apartment cooked family meals for dinner during most weeknights.  Otherwise I would grab a bite to eat at a local pub.
Was it challenging to navigate throughout the country?
I found it super easy and convenient to travel around London.  I would use google maps and that would show me the times for the next train, bus, and walking distance to my desired location.   

Luke in Greece
Photo: Luke visiting the ancient Parthenon in Greece

Did you travel to any other countries or cities while abroad?
Greece (Athena), Italy (Catania, Napoli, Pompeii, Rome), Spain (Barcelona), Hungary (Budapest),  Ireland (Dublin, Gallaway), Scotland (Edinburgh)

Luke in Ireland
Photo: Luke in Ireland at the Cliffs of Moher

Overall, how was your experience? And do you have any tips for future students who may be interested in traveling to the same place as you? 
I enjoyed my trip, I met some great friends who I am still in touch with on a daily basis.  Some advice for future students, travel as much as you can and enjoy all the moments.