Report to Provost Spring 2006

To: Provost Coultrap-McQuin
From: David Bozak, Chair, Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Re: CII Activities in Spring 2006

The following bullet list summarizes the committees activities for the past semester. Minutes of the seven meetings are available.

* The committee organized and immediately worked to schedule the McCabe Academic Integrity Survey. The committee evaluated and refined the survey for our campus, working with Don McCable. This included submission of the survey to the Human Subjects Committee for review/approval. The survey is ready to go, but we've postponed it until the fall as students were heavily surveyed this spring.

* We recruited an undergraduate and an international student member and are working on a graduate student representative.

* Our meeting times were irregular for Spring 2006 due to conflicting schedules but are set as regular meetings for Fall 2006. This will lead to efficiencies as there will be consistent attendance.

* We began the design of a prototype website on Intellectual Integrity.

* We are in the middle stages of designing a document to provide guidance for faculty regarding how to appropriately match recommended sanctions to the level of seriousness of an incident of academic dishonesty.

* Five members attended the SUNY-wide Academic Integrity conference in March, two of which presented at the conference (out of 8 presentations, not including plenary speakers).

* The committee responded to SUNY Task Force survey on academic integrity.

* Bozak reported to FA on the committee's activities.

* The committee has begun preparing to promote the survey in the fall and discussing how best to involve the campus in discussions regarding the survey results.

* The committee is encouraging faculty to include a statement in their syllabus concerning the importance of academic honesty.