Minutes of March 21, 2012

Present: Bozak, Garii, Hemphill, Morrison, Nichols, Pretzat

  • Should we have a presence at Orientation? Or would be more effective at, say, 6 weeks into the semester? We agree to wait until there is a group session with library, WAC, others part way into the semester.
  • Julie will check on our student to see if she can turn the magnet into a bookmark with QR codes on the ends and the magnet image in the middle.
  • Next year we will meet on Mondays at 9am, as Bozak has class on Wednesday mornings.
  • How long should we keep information on integrity violations? Judicial has its own retention scheme, so for academic penalties what should our retention be? What are we keeping? Online info, letters to students, other collected info. What timelines are involved?
  • We should keep it for 7 years to ensure freshmen incidents are around when the student is a senior.
  • Ask Rameen about the timeline for appeals of grade disputes.
  • Academic Integrity week? Or a day? a talk? A tshirt? etc?
  • Brad Korbesmeyer suggests we need more information on cheating in the primer.
  • Middle states wants to meet with some folks: associate deans, me, someone at CTS on nettiquette, etc. Julie will arrange a meeting day/time.
  • In 2013 we switch to Blackboard, so that is a new time to change II Quiz, for which we always need more questions.
  • Should we redo the AI survey? Yes. Put together a proposal - cost, timeliness - for Fall of 2013, so that we can get in the queue now and not get shutout due to "over surveying" our students.

Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak