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Minutes of February 16, 2011

Present: Bozak, Garii, Haefele, Hemphill, Morrison, Nichols, Rao

  • the 2009-10 violations update was distributed and discussed. It is now online.
  • Another update on the McCabe study - results should be available (perhaps) by our next meeting.
  • Jim Nichols provided an update on the information literacy tet. There are questions on avoiding plagiarism.
  • There are no NY State mandates on integrity in elementary, middle or high school, at least not in the English K-12 mandates.
  • We'll start posting our slides (thank you Shannon Pritting!) on digital signage.
  • Kate is presenting to the CHAMPS program, using Jim's powerpoint (used when he met with the McNair Scholars).
  • Doug will send David, who will then forward to this group, the integrity quiz questions so that we can review and edit them - perhaps even ADD to them! SLN hasn't helped fix the issues with mailing certificates, so now we are shooting for having this implemented for summer courses.
  • When are advisors notified of a student's incident? perhaps they don't meet with a student until after an appeals process has been followed. What advice can we provide advisors to help them in this meeting?
    • What happened? How might you better act in the future? Provide the student with reference to appropriate resources.
    • Is it a "persecution complex"? It wasn't an important assignement! Ok, I cheated by an E seems far too harsh a penalty.
    • Think of the consequences - personal consequences. What if you fail the course? What do you tell your parents? What are the implications for your future (scheduling, goals, etc.)? What about trust - within the department? with your peers?
    • it was an "honest" mistake!
    • did you go through the primer?
  • Do we cc: the chair of the student's major along with the advisor? Should the chair know about these issues by their majors? Do faculty advisors tell the chairs about these things?
  • How can we better incorporate integrity into the syllabus - perhaps necessary for Middle States? We can provide a piece that highlights the educational side of the issue and perhaps encourages them to learn more.
  • What is the PURPOSE of the meeting of the advisor with a student who engaged in misconduct?
    • it is a "teachable" moment
    • they've been caught and punished so that this can have a different tone, to help the student move forward
    • to counsel the student
    • to help them come to understand how better to behave
    • What have you learned from this?
  • We'll work more on advise to advisors next meeting.

respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak