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Creating a TurnItIn Drop Box

Creating a TurnItIn Drop Box


  • Login to your Angel account
  • Choose your course (left hand side of the screen)
  • Choose the Learning Modules tab
  • Choose Add Content
  • Choose Turnitin Drop Box
  • Choose:
    • new paper assignment (as opposed to revision)
    • provide a title (Essay #3, for example)
    • provide a point value (optional)
    • choose start date, due date, and post date
    • choose more options
    • of these, the important ones are:   
      • generate originality reports  YES
      • students to see originality reports?  YES
      • allow submissions after due date?  probably NO
      • submit papers to NO REPOSITORY
      • ***** this is important, please ensure that NO REPOSITORY is used *****
      • search options? check 'em all!
    • Submit
  • The first time you do this, you have the option of saving the "more options" choices as the defaults for future assignments. choose YES


  • Students will then have access to this submission drop box during the time period you've specified.
  • To submit a paper (which you can do as well as the students), go into the appropriate drop box. You'll find a button for "submit paper".
  • You can upload a file (the system accepts electronic documents from Word (including Word 2007), WordPerfect, HTML, Postscript, plain text (.txt), Rich Text Format (.rtf, available from most word processors), and .pdf files (NOT scanned documents, but documents saved in .pdf format from within a word processor).
  • Documents can also be submitted via a cut-and-paste. Highlight and copy the text of interest and then paste into the text box made available.
  • Choose the appropriate values for student name, paper title, etc., and click on "submit".
  • The submission will then appear in the drop box. Once the originality report is generated it will appear under the "report" column with a percentage tag indicating how much of the text was found elsewhere.