Division of Academic Affairs

   Academic Advisement Faculty Questionnaire 2014DescriptionResults
   Academic Advisement Student Questionnaire 2013DescriptionResults
   First-Year Advisement Faculty Survey 2008DescriptionResults
   First-Year Advisement Student Survey 2008DescriptionResults

   Peer Advisement Surveys (Peer Advisor and Faculty Advisor) 2006



Academic Integrity 2010DescriptionResults
Assessing Consumer Preferences for Adult Education 2010DescriptionResults
Business Curriculum Competencies Survey 2005DescriptionResults
Carbon Footprint Survey (Faculty, Staff, and Students) 2008Description Results
EOP Identity and Self-Perception Survey Spring 2014Description Results
FirstChoice Faculty Survey 2008DescriptionResults
FirstChoice Student Survey 2008DescriptionResults
Foundation of Excellence: Faculty and Staff Survey 2010DescriptionResults
Foundation of Excellence: New Student Survey 2010DescriptionResults
General Education Faculty Survey 2011DescriptionResults
Global Competence Survey 2010DescriptionResults
International Student Survey Spring 2013Description Results
Middle States Self-Study Survey (Faculty, Staff, and Students) 2010DescriptionResults
New Faculty Orientation Survey 2010DescriptionResults
On-line Professional Activities Report 2014-2015DescriptionResults
Penfield Library
Library Visioning Survey (Faculty, Staff, and Students) 2005DescriptionResults
Library Visioning Survey Follow Up (Faculty, Staff, and Students) 2006DescriptionResults
Penfield Library Study 2010DescriptionResults
Survey for Students on Turnitin Pilot 2009DescriptionResults
Survey on Student Use of Information Technology (ECAR) 2009DescriptionResults
Theatre Alumni Survey 2010DescriptionResults
Theatre Audience Survey 2007DescriptionResults
Theatre Production Assessment Surveys 2010DescriptionResults
The Chronicle of Higher Education: Great Colleges to Work For 2011DescriptionResults
Transfer Experience Survey Spring 2014Description Results
Writing Center Survey (Students and Faculty) 2009DescriptionResults