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This file contains commonly used acronyms and their meanings by faculty and admistrators at SUNY Oswego. Their full defintion is found in the Glossary of Terms File.

APIS -Academic Program Information System

CAS - Certificate of Advance Studies

CDS - Course Data Submission

CIP - Classification of Instructional Programs

CRV - Credit Value

DADS - Degrees Awarded Data Submission

DOB - Date Of Birth

E.O.P. STUDENTS - Equal Opportunity Program Student

FADS - Financial Aide Data Submission

FT - Full Time

FTE WKLD - Full-Time Equivalent Workload (Student Credit

FTE Faculty - Full-Time Equivalent Faculty

G - Graduate

HEGIS - Higher Education General Information System

IFR - Income Fund Reimbursable Credit Courses: State-
operated/Funded institutions only) - See SUTRA

PT - Part Time

SCHR - Student Credit Hours

S/F - Student/Faculty Ratio

SIRIS - SUNY Institutional Research Information System

SUTRA - State University Tuition Reimbursable Account

UG - Undergraduate