Mission, vision and goals

Mission: Consistent with the missions of both the State University of New York and SUNY Oswego, the mission of the EOP program is to encourage and assist EOP students in the preparation for, entry to, and completion of a postsecondary degree.

Vision: In collaboration with the institution, the EOP staff will serve as advocates for historically under-represented and under-served student access to higher education; provide services designed to meet student needs and, develop and achieve educational goals; assist students in acquiring the necessary skills, knowledge, and attributes to enter and complete a postsecondary education; provide an environment that recognizes the diversity of backgrounds and learning styles of our student population; develop collaborative institutional relationships to promote an environment conducive to the completion of  a postsecondary degree. 

Goals: Consistent with the five strategic directions of the college's mission  (VIEWS - Vitality, Intellectual Rigor, Engagement, World Awareness, and Solutions), the goals of the EOP Program are designed to prepare students for satisfying and productive lifestyles, work, and civic participation through the provision of a quality curricular and co-curricular education. 

Each program goal is connected to one or multiple area(s) of SUNY Oswego's "VIEWS" model.

1. Provide services throughout students' college career specific to class year, majors, and career aspirations that foster intrapersonal and interpersonal development. (V, I, E, W, S)

2. Create opportunities for student learning and development by developing and maintaining collaborative relationships with faculty and other colleagues. (V, I, S)

3. Provide program curriculum designed to foster the acquisition, integration, construction, and application of knowledge and develop student cognitive complexity skills. (V, I)

4. Assess student learning and development outcomes and provide evidence of program impact. (V, I, S)

5. Planning "Beyond the Baccalaureate" - Prepare students to successfully pursue and apply to graduate programs and/or a professional career post-graduation. (V, I, E, W, S)