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Data Collection

We continue to work to assess the perceived benefits of a clinically rich residency approach to teacher preparation for teacher candidates, teacher mentors, education faculty and classroom students.

Data Assessment 2013-2015

Clinically Rich Stakeholder Benefits

We call a clinically rich residency model a win-win-win-win for all stakeholders, because there are benefits for classroom students, teacher candidates, mentor teachers and education faculty.

Classroom Student Benefits

Clinically rich candidates and mentors interviewed classroom students and collected student performance data. Their findings  demonstrate the benefits of having two teachers, a novice and an expert, focused on co-teaching to better support student learning.

Content and Pedagogy in a Clinically Rich Residency

Candidates and mentors in our clinically rich residency models often report that they are better able to develop new strands around content and to try new approaches to deliver instruction. For the candidates, this is an opportunity to see theory in action; for the mentors this is an opportunity to try new things with the support of a novice teacher, or to integrate into his or her teaching new information and skills the novice and education faculty have to share.

Ongoing Professional Development

This presentation on the benefits of professional development in a clinically rich teacher preparation model was developed for the Statewide S-TEN Convening, Innovative Educator Preparation: Moving Toward Sustainability, in November 2014. The presentation describes a learning community at Fowler High School in Syracuse, NY, where SUNY Oswego placed nine clinically rich teacher candidates across content areas for the fall 2014 semester.

Program Models Linking Theory and Practice

Leading up to 2011, SUNY Oswego's School of Education had already begun the work of integrating clinical experiences within the theoretical framework of education pedagogy  to provide a more cohesive connection between our teacher preparation programs and the realities and demands of the classroom. Building upon this work, SUNY Oswego was awarded a total of $2.7 million in Race to the Top funding through NYSED, beginning in 2011, to support both graduate and undergraduate clinically rich teacher preparation pilot programs (O-RITE MAT and Bridges Clinically Rich TESOL).