Staff profile

Kristen Munger, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, School of Education


302 A Park Hall

Office hours

Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4 pm

Oversees student-related inquiries, academic issues, scholarships, serves as Administrative Coordinator for the Sheldon Institute summer program, and does follow up of program assessment data and NYSED/SUNY policies.

Positions held:

  • Assistant Professor in the Counseling and Psychological Services Department 
  • Course Instructor at Syracuse University
  • Data Manager, Syracuse University
  • School Psychologist, Phelps-Clifton Springs and Southern Cayuga Central Schools


My research interests include literacy development, academic assessment, and academic intervention.   


  • Munger, K. A. (2016). A brief introduction to literacy. In K. A. Munger (Ed.), Steps to success: Crossing the bridge between literacy research and practice. Available here.
  • Munger, K. A., Lofaro, S. A., Kawryga, E. A., Sovocool, E. A., & Medina, S. Y. (2014). Does the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills Next Assessment take a “simple view” of reading? Educational Assessment, 19, 204-228. doi:10.1080/10627197.2014.934609
  • Munger, K. A., & Murray, M. S. (2014). Text complexity and deliberate practice: Common cores of learning. In K. A. Hinchman & H. K. Sheridan Thomas (Eds.), Best Practices in Adolescent Literacy Instruction (pp. 99-119). New York, NY: The Guilford Press. 


  • Munger, K. A. (2015, November). From research to practice: CBT intervention in elementary school settings with students experiencing anxiety. Paper presented at the 20th Annual Conference on Advancing School Mental Health. New Orleans, LA.
  • Munger, K. A. (2014, November). Common Core State Standards and early grade ELA Curriculum Modules. Paper presented at the NYASP Annual 2014 Conference. Albany, NY. 
  • McDougal, J., Munger, K. A., LeBlanc, M., & Cunningham, E. (2014, November). Socioeoconomic integration as an empirically-based school reform strategy. Paper presented at the New York State Association of School Psychologists Annual 2014 Conference, Albany, NY. 

Awards and honors

  • Recipient of the Perry A. Zirkel Education Faculty Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Teaching, 2016
  • All University Doctoral Prize, Syracuse University, 2011
  • Distinction in the Dissertation Defense, Syracuse University, 2010
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, Syracuse University, 2009


  • Ph.D., Reading Education, Syracuse University
  • MS, School Psychology, SUNY Oswego
  • BA, Psychology, Wells College