Technology Strategic Plan and Annual Reports

The Digital Campus, Technology for an Enhanced Tomorrow
Information Technology Strategic Plan

This is the second IT strategic plan for the College. The first achieved a more stable and robust infrastructure including enhanced wireless and internet access, improved classroom spaces, increased access to technology for students in the classroom and enhanced administrative systems and processes. It is the intent of this plan to continue to build on these successes and utilize technology in new and innovative ways. It is recognized there is a need to build nimbleness and agility into the plan to support the ever changing state of technology and the evolving needs of our students. People have told us the College is doing well with our current students, but we need to continue to innovate for the student of the future. This future includes staying true to our role as a residential college as well as prepare our students for the lifelong learning they will require. 

Technology Strategic Plan - 2012

CTS Annual Reports

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