DMCA Notification Procedures

When SUNY Oswego receives a DMCA notification the following procedures are followed:

  1. CTS first checks to make sure that the notification is valid. We verify that certain pieces of information and certain wording required by law are included.
  2. If the notification is valid, CTS looks through authentication and network registration records to determine what user was logged on or registered to during the time period the violation occurred.
  3. The network connection of the offending user is blocked for a minimum of two weeks, longer if prior DMCA notices for the user have been received.  If multiple offences occur, a port/account maintenance charge may be applied.
  4. The notice is then forwarded to Student Conduct along with the user information and if any prior DMCA notices had been received for this user.  
  5. Student Conduct will contact the offending user regarding the notice.